Welcome to the Bayou Writing Workshop

Each person has a story worth telling and a unique narrative voice to tell it.

This workshop is for both experienced and new writers who seek inspiration in developing their own story-telling voices.

As a participant, you will receive a series of writing prompts and supportive feedback.  Then it’s just you and your pen and the wide-open page.

The structure of each meeting balances between periods of spontaneous writing and reading aloud for responses from the other participants.

Some students have found this writing workshop to be a private journey into self-discovery, while others have spun out poems, essays and a novel or two, all the while protesting, "I'm not really a writer!" 

In this workshop, everyone is a writer.

Why not dive in?

The water is fine.

"This workshop is a great way to start writing from the soul."

—Cari Roy, New Orleans

"The Bayou Writing Workshop is rare and ideal for writers at every level. Whether you've been writing for twenty years or have never written before, you will gain key insight. Constance created a fun, productive, luminous space for reflection. She introduced me to exciting new poets and novelists. The guided meditations followed by a writing prompt tapped a vein of raw creativity. I was so pleased that I did the Bayou Writing Workshop twice. I also worked with Constance one-on-one. She read the first draft of my novel and provided line-by-line feedback and Big Picture analysis. Her insightful feedback, support, and keen eye for the REAL story (the story within the story) gave me the courage to continue. I am happy to say I'm now on Draft 10."

Margot, college writing instructor, yoga and qigong instructor, magazine editor

"Constance Adler and her workshops proved instrumental in guiding me through the planning, writing and editing of my book, Dream Room: Tales of the Dixie Mafia, (Oakley Press, July 2009), a regional best-seller along the Gulf Coast (and still showing decent legs). Constance is the ideal instructor/editor. She is herself an accomplished writer, and she consistently provides sound analysis and useful suggestions to other aspiring writers. I highly recommend her workshops for anybody interested in taking his or her writing to the next level, regardless of where you find yourself at the moment."

Chet Nicholson, Pass Christian, Mississippi
"Tell all the Truth but tell it slant—"     —Emily Dickinson